Pre registration Arnold Classic Sevilla
If you want to be part of our next event in Sevilla, please apply with your best lifts. If you have currently registered records at German League or Spanish League, you do not need to resend the records. Any other countries, need to send us a post from a streetlifting organizer with his records or the link to videos of his own lifts to be elligeble to the competition. Also if you'd like to improve your last year records, you might as well send links to videos to us. Lifts are Muscle Up, Dip, PullUp, Squat.Criteria for selection will be based on the best performance, gender and country.
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Age at the event date(18-20th sept 2020)
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Links to videos. If you are using current records from other competition, please let us know which one is it -must be from the Spanish Federation or the German Ergebnisse DM19. *
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