Public Relations/Marketing Publication Request Form
Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible. This will assist the graphic design team in providing the best product possible. Project requests will be honored within the time frames indicated for specific projects. Call 477-7701 or 477- 7822 for assistance if needed.
What type of publication(s) is required? *
Poster, Flyer, Brochure (17 business day turnaround); Magazine, Catalog, Program (30 business day turnaround) Postcard, Ticket, invitation(12 business day turnaround); Ad/Press Release (1-2 business day turnaround)
What size is the publication? *
Please include the dimensions of the publication. Full, half or quarter page, width and height, etc.
Please list important information to include in the publication. *
i.e. Date, time, place, who, what ,why, when and where; contact information etc. Anything the reader needs to know to get to the event or benefit from the publication.
Intended use and audience for the publication *
Is the publication a redesign of an existing one? If so, is an example of the older publication available? *
Please give a specific date for project delivery. *
Please refer to the suspense dates listed above. Please allow adequate time for processing of the request. Last minute requests may lead to a delay in delivery or failure to provide service.
Can examples of the type of publication required be provided to the PR graphics team? *
i.e. copies of a flier, catalog, brochure, etc from another school or company
Who is requesting the publication and for what department will it be used? Please include best phone number and email address. *
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