'ATTOI' Survey

Following are the questions that you may kindly answer for the success of the survey. Thanking each and every one of you in advance:
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1) What is the first thing that you are likely to do as an individual or entrepreneur, after the fear of the pandemic dies down?
2) What is the most important thing you did during lockdown?
3) What are the new decisions that you have taken during the lockdown period?
4) Has this period helped you to transform your thoughts?
5) After the lockdown, will you be open to using public transport? How soon do you plan to use them?
6) Will you consider going out and eating at restaurants?
7) When are you likely to take your next vacation? Which Asian country you wish to visit post lock-down?
8) Are you okay to take flights in the near term?
9) Post lockdown do you think holistic wellness initiatives like Yoga and Ayurveda will get greater importance?
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