SAP-VN Local Projects Officer Application (Homeless/Underprivileged Assistance)
We are now accepting applications for the position of SAP-VN Local Projects Officer

- Coordinate volunteer events (at least monthly) that benefit the homeless and/or underprivileged
- Educate volunteers on the issues being addressed
- Send out information about events along with sign-up information
- Take/Collect photos from events for webpage and/or Facebook page
- Coordinate with WebMaster to have events updated on the website calendar
- Attend Board of Directors meetings (typically mid-day on Sundays)

- Earn leadership experience
- An impressive addition to any resume

- College student or graduate
- Have attended SAP-VN volunteer events in the past/regularly (preferred)
- Willing to interview if necessary (in-person or by phone)
- One year commitment; Position may be held longer if desired

Starting Date: August 2020
Training Period: March 2020-July 2020 (depending on Availability)

Applications are due by February 29th, 2020
SAP-VN board directors and officers will cast the final vote to decide on the new officer
Decision will be made by March 2020
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