Funding Advice Questionnaire
Please use this form to request advice & support regarding funding for your charity or community group in Milton Keynes. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will be in touch to follow up. We are able to offer 1:2:1 appointments every Tuesday between 10am-12pm. If required, we will do our best to accommodate appointments at other times too. All appointments must be booked by the Community Action MK: team or by calling 01908 661 623 or by e-mailing

If you are located outside Milton Keynes, you may be able to find a similar organisation in your area via this link:

You might also find it helpful to refer to the information and templates our website for a constitution, policies, info on opening a bank account, public liability insurance and risk assessments.

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Is anyone delivering similar activities? If so: could you work with them on this project /activity?
If not: how is what you do significantly different that a funder might chose to fund both yours and that other project/activity?
Who is this activity/ project aimed at? (what is your target audience?)
How much money will you need to raise?
Will you be making a charge or asking for donations?
Do you have any other in kind support?
Do you have a management committee? (e.g. a trustee board)
Do you have a constitution? (If you do, we will ask you to send us a copy or bring it with you to the meeting)
If you have an electronic copy of your constitution, please upload it here
Do you have and an equality and diversity policy?
Do you have a safeguarding policy?
Do you have public liability insurance?
Do you have a bank account in the name of your group?
Do you need to find volunteers?
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