Research Assistant Application
The Laboratory of Aging and Neurocognitive Imaging (LANI) Lab is currently seeking part-time undergraduate Research Assistants to help conduct neuropsychological, cognitive, and neuroimaging studies of learning and memory in younger and older adults. Because Research Assistants receive training in all aspects of our research, this position is ideal for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience or related fields.

Please read through the following description of the Research Assistant position. If you are interested in applying, fill out and submit the questions below. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and qualified applicants will contacted via email.

Your primary responsibility will be to assist with laboratory research. This may include:
- Screening/recruiting/scheduling participants
- Administering and scoring neuropsychological tests
- Conducting behavioral experiments
- Acquiring neuroimaging data
- Basic data quality control
- Maintaining participant database

Additional lab organization responsibilities may include:
- Ordering supplies and equipment
- Assisting with administrative duties
- Coordinating lab meetings and events

Minimum requirements include:
- Able to work at least 5 hours/week for a minimum of 2 quarters
- 3.50+ GPA in psychology or a related field
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Outstanding organizational and time management skills
- Detail-oriented

Preferred requirements include:
- Demonstrable interest in older adults or cognitive neuroscience
- Experience administering neuropsychological or behavioral tests
- Strong computer skills

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Thank You
Thank you for your interest in our research. If your experience and availability fit with the current needs of the LANI Lab, we will contact you to schedule an interview. At that time, you may be asked to provide a CV or resume and contact information for two references.

If the LANI Lab is currently full, we will keep your information on file and contact you when a position becomes available.

Please email if you have any questions.

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