The Neon Dreamer Commission Form
Thank you for viewing this form! Please read all of the information bellow and feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

I accept a range of commissions including:
- Logos
- Mesh Signs/Logos
- Event/Club Posters
- Animesh (Pets/Accessories)
- Decor (Animesh is available for decor - but please note it will dramatically increase the LI)
- Unrigged Accessories (Rigged is available if I have licensed copies of the body)
- Furniture
- Model unwrapping and texturing
- Non-Bento rigging for avatars (Bento accepted for smaller scale models - i.e not human faces)
- Animations for Animesh/Avatar rigs

I am currently not accepting:
- Clothing commissions (Only accessories are accepted)
- Clothing rigging
- Club/House buildings (Events may be accepted - please contact me for more info)
- Scripting (If your product requires scripting, I work with multiple Scripters who can assist you for an additional fee)


All commissions require a 50% deposit, these deposits are non-refundable. All prices are an estimate based upon an hourly rate. If more detail/changes are requested on the project, then the initial price is subject to change based upon the additional work needed.

I will mesh and texture for personal and commercial use.

I reserve the right to refuse any project. I will not break any IP or Copyright Laws or Linden Labs terms of service, nor will I copy a product from an image taken from Google or found online. I am happy to make something similar to or influenced by a product in the Real World, but changes will need to be made as to not infringe on Copyright. All textures used in a product will be hand drawn by me or I am fully licensed to use the image.

- Hourly rate is L$ 5000 - If the project is shorter than 1 hour then the price will be lower, not rounded up. -

Example of Project Estimates:

- Small Simple Logo: Starting at L$3000
- Small Simple Logo + Mesh version: Starting at L$5000

- Large Complex Logo: Starting at L$5000
- Large Complex Logo + Mesh version: Starting at L$8000


Tools of the trade: Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter, Blender, Avastar, and Zbrush.
For examples of my work please visit my website:

For more information please contact me In-World (Second Life) - Childofpreservex Resident


If you have read through all of the infomation and are interested in a commission, please fill out this form and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for reading!
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