NH Voter Protection Election Day In-Person Volunteer Survey
Thank you for your commitment to protecting the vote in New Hampshire!

We are no longer accepting new signups for poll monitors on Election Day because we no longer have any training scheduled and our program is at capacity. Please only fill this out if you have already been trained.
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What is your availability on November 3? *
Are you comfortable entering and observing a polling place in person, with appropriate social distancing and PPE? *
If you are NOT comfortable entering a polling place: are you comfortable being assigned a polling place to observe in person as an outside-only observer? *
Any notes about your comfort level with going inside?
Where will you be traveling from on election day? "Town, state" i.e. Manchester, NH *
How far are you willing to travel from your home on election day? (Please put driving distance in minutes.) *
Select if there is a specific ward you would like to be assigned to, otherwise leave blank.
Any other information you'd like us to know about where you would like to be placed?
Do you have a friend or colleague you would like to volunteer with? If so, please list their first name, last name and phone number here (and make sure they also fill out this form).
What languages, besides English, do you speak well enough to communicate with?
Are you a Justice of the Peace or NH Notary? *
Have you volunteered with voter protection efforts in the past? If so, please describe your experience and where you volunteered. *
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