TI Chapters Communication Questionnaire
We're excited about connecting the community of people in our chapters. You are all fighting the good fight and learning how to win progressive victories, and we can learn so much from each other! Please let us know how you would like to communicate with other chapters.
Which of these would you use to communicate with other The Incorruptibles grassroots chapters taking over their cities: *
My preferred method
I'd use this
Don't know
I would not use this
Email list
Facebook group
Slack channel
Signal group
TI internal Rocket.Chat (like slack) where we discuss The Incorruptibles national work
A scurry of chipmunks carrying hand written notes
Would you prefer to be in touch with all chapters nationally, or just those in your region? *
Would you come to in-person meetups with other chapters in your region? *
Let us know how else we can best connect you to other TI chapters!
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