Nova Exchange - Give Away / Airdrops
Giveaway structure:

The giveaway program is a non-profit action. You as a developer or trader, agrees to deposit a certain amount of coins to your Nova account, that we as an Exchange, will distribute to our users.

The users will receive the coins as part of a free giveaway directly from your account, in phases, and once the airdrop is over, we will be announcing the numbers of participants.

Nova Exchange will airdrop 100% of the amount, and reserves the right of airdropping it to users of our choice - The selection is going to be based on random users.


*Please proceed with filling the questionnaire, ONLY once you have deposited the funds and are ready for the giveaway.

** In order to verify the authenticity of the requester, this form must be filled by the email associated with your Nova Exchange account.

***We expect your airdrop to raise a lot of interest, therefore, when spreading the word, we suggest that you do so by pasting your referral link that you will find at the "Referral" menu. This will give you 100% of the trading fees for the first month, and 10% after.

**** The Airdrop/Giveaway will not be done immediately. You must acknowledge that there is a huge queue, and we aim at distributing the coins slowly at a time, over a certain period of time.

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