Teacher Training Commitment to Diversity Scholarship Application
Ananda Garudasana Yoga School believes in making yoga accessible to as many people as possible. As part of this mission, we are deeply committed to increasing diversity in the yoga community. We have established The Ananda Garudasana Yoga Diversity Scholarship to welcome and assist people from under-represented groups to join The Ananda Garudasana Yoga Teacher Training. The Fall 200-hour yoga teacher training begins Sunday, September 27. To learn more about the training visit http://www.annieom.com/events/2020falltt

To be eligible, applicants must identify with one of the categories listed below, must have the ability to teach yoga in the community following teacher training, and must complete and submit the application by the deadline of September 6, no exceptions.

This is not scholarship solely based on financial need, rather it is an invitation and incentive to those students who believe that because of the way they present in the world, they would help to create a more inclusive and safe environment for others. The Scholarship will be awarded up to $775, making the training total cost $775, half the regular price is $1,550.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance with a non-refundable $300 deposit within one week of acceptance. The remaining balance will be due by the beginning of the training (September 27). A payment program may be arranged. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Should a scholarship recipient decide to cancel their attendance for any reason, those funds can be used for other workshops or training with the teachers within one year. Please keep all the short answer questions to 250 words or less.
Name (First and Last): *
Email address: *
I identify as (please mark all that apply)* *
Please tell us about any community leadership roles you have assumed and what lesson(s) you have gained from that experience.
The purpose of this scholarship is to build diversity among yoga teachers and help bring yoga to a wide variety of people. Please tell us about your plans following the teacher training—where do you plan to teach, to what groups, will you volunteer your services? Be as specific as possible regarding what you plan and how you plan to do it (e.g., do you have connections at agencies, community groups, yoga studios, etc?)
Have you ever worked clinically with special needs or otherwise marginalized populations? If so, please tell us a little bit about your work.
What life experiences would you point to that uniquely position you to contribute in an especially meaningful and perhaps surprising way to the teacher training cohort?
Tell us a little about how you imagine sharing the vision and values of Ananda Garudasana, including the value of radical inclusion and social justice, into your community.
We take into consideration individual financial need in an effort to responsibly distribute funds and to make it feasible for as many applicants as possible to attend the training. With that in mind, please tell us about your financial situation, including the amount of financial assistance you are seeking. No scholarship is ever given for the full amount. Highest amount of scholarship is approximately $650 depending on number of scholarship applicants and number of students enrolled in training.
Anything else you would like us to know?
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