Help me design a cool CES experience!
Hey My Next Electric fam, I'm designing a 10 by 10 booth at CES, the world's largest tech conference. It's Jan 5-8, 2023. I have 2 ideas so far: 
  1. I'm doing what Jasmine Powers challenged me to do here - run a mini-version of the course in the booth - often. 
  2. I want folks to dream out loud about their electric vehicle future based on cool stuff at the show. 
WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Take this survey on my rough prototype.

Thank you; you're awesome. So awesome.
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This is a rough draft of what I could cover in a short mini-course on energy density and how it impacts life with electric vehicles vs life with gas.
In our increasingly electric future, we'll need to rely on battery powered vehicles. Since batteries are 100X less energy dense than gasoline, we'll probably become much more sensitive to how many miles per kilowatt hour each vehicle gets. 
Think about a gas car you've had. 

You're carrying an extra 10-20 gallons of gasoline for most of the trips you take. But since that extra energy's so energy dense, it isn't a big deal, it barely matters. 

But when batteries are 100X less energy dense, carrying all that extra energy capacity around makes 100 times less sense, especially when almost ALL of our trips are really short! It means more money for driving a big car around, more maintenance, more parking headaches and costs and more danger - big cars for short trips in tighter spaces. 
Now think about a hypothetical two-car garage.

One way to think about what MAY happen in our electrified future is to imagine what's parked in a future electrified family garage:

GAS GARAGE: this is your garage on gas, right now.
Two cars with all the fuel you'd need for any trip. 
Not a huge deal to carry extra that fuel around. #energydensity 

ELECTRIC GARAGE: this is your garage on electricity, soon. 
What if the garage of the future doesn't have two big EVs in it, but a mix of vehicles that together, cost less to buy and operate and are more fun.  

1 electric car - 2-4 miles per kilowatt hour (mi/kWh)
1 electric bike - 50-100 mi/kWh 
1 micro car - In between, The Microlino is  ~11 miles/kWh 
1 dinghy for your EV - 70-100 mi/kWh, but lives in your electric car*

*I'm running two "dinghy" EV experiments in my electric truck. These get near the top end of e-bike efficiency, are always locked up and charged up by the battery of my EV. I can grab them from my car, whether it's parked by my house or after I've made it most of the way to my destination for "the last mile."
What do you think about that micro-course content. What could be more interesting? What's ok about this?
Here's a rough draft of a contest/challenge/social media engagement thing for folks who drop by the booth. 
What if we gave people a way to fill up their dream electric garage with vehicles at CES?

1. A simple piece of paper they could take a pic of and share back with us, like a blank version of the "AFTER" section above, with room for:  

- your dream EV 
- your dream micro-car
- your dream e-bike 
- your dream dinghy 

2. We could have a QR code to upload a pic, or blanks to make a list, then circle your favorite. Any other cool ideas for sharing? 

3. We could also do some more fun stuff like have folks come back and have folks write on the wall (marker board or butcher paper) their favorites, or even on the floor, where we have a layout of the right side of the garage, with room for each vehicle marked out in tape. 

What do you like about that idea? What could be better? What other ideas do you have that would be a hoot for folks to try out?
Anything else you can think of? Let's hear it! Go crazy. 
Do you know anyone in Las Vegas who's curious about electric cars or bikes? I've got some exhibitor passes and could use some help in the booth. Please share any ideas if you've got em! Thanks! 
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That's a wrap. Thank you again. Have a wonderful holiday if you're celebrating,. Here's to a prosperous and safe 2023, Matt
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