DOSRP Ban Appeal
If you have been temporary banned or permanently banned, please submit this ban appeal to appeal your ban. Please ensure you meet the requirements prior to submitting the ban appeal
- Any bans issued by a head administrator are final and cannot be appealed
- You must provide a minimum of 300 words for your ban appeal or it will result in an automatic denial
- Please include any video(s) or screenshot(s) to support your ban appeal
- If you do no receive a response regarding your ban appeal, it means it's been denied
- Any petty ban appeals will result in a permanent ban
- Duplicate appeals will be ignored and your sentence may be extended
- Contacting a DOSRP Administrator regarding your ban appeal will result in an automatic denial
What is your call-sign and Name or Name for non-leo *
What is your discord? (Example #0001) *
What is your discord id? *
Who banned you? *
What was the reason of the ban? *
Your Statement (Why are you appealing this ban?) (Minimum 300 words) *
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