"Pit Fix" Spay/Neuter Request Form
The Pit Fix grant-funded program at Prevent A Litter provides fee-waived spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchipping for pitbull type dogs whose owners may face difficulty otherwise accessing these services.

Pitbull type dogs are often disproportionally represented in animal shelter statistics. We believe that lowering the barriers to accessing spay and neuter can help decrease the number of pit bull type dogs at risk of surrender or losing their homes.

We do not require proof of need to access these fee-waived services. However, please keep in mind that "Pit Fix" grant funding is limited and our hope is to target those pet owners that have the greatest financial need.

Please note: Prevent A Litter is only able to review surgery requests to be performed within the next 2 months. Do not submit this form unless you are prepared to schedule an appointment within this timeframe.

Please only complete this form for dog spay or neuter requests for PITBULL type dogs (for example: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pitbull Terriers, American Bulldog, or any mix of these breeds). I understand that if I submit this form for anything other than a pitbull type dog my submission will not be considered. Please check our website for updates on future availability for other scheduling needs. Update: Due to high demand, we are only able to schedule for MALE pitbull type dogs at this time. *
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