Understanding Student Interest in Computer Science
The LASA high school CS department and the UT Austin Computer Science department are seeking to understand why students choose to take computer science courses in high school. We are hopeful that you will help us in that endeavor by answering the questions on this survey. You do not have to complete this survey, nor do you have to respond to any question you do not wish to address. For each question, please choose the one answer that best represents your response.
Which course(s) are you currently taking or have you taken in the past?
Please check all that apply.
Why are you taking this course?
Check all that apply.
When did you first hear about computer science?
Your answer
Are you interested in computer science?
If not, why not? If so, when did you first become interested in learning about computer science?
Your answer
Why did you decide to register for this class?
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Did someone encourage you to take computer science classes? If so, who?
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Have you participated in computer science outreach events, such as Hour of Code, First Bytes, Girls Who Code, Code Longhorn, or others? If so, which?
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Are you involved in any extracurricular activities that involve computer science, such as UIL, USACO, or WiCS? If so, which?
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After this school year, are you planning to continue your computer science studies in high school?
Are you planning to continue your computer science studies in college?
If you are not planning to continue your studies, please explain.
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