FBL 2019 Dealers' Den Application [EN]
Fill this form if you want to apply to a table in the FBL 2019 Dealers' Den. All applications will be proceeded on a "First come, first served" basis. We will contact you shortly using the address you need to fill in. This address is only collected for this one purpose.

By filling out this form, you agree to the FBL Dealers' Den T&C avalaible on the official FBL website here. https://fblacklight.org/FBL8/en/code-of-conduct/

FBL 2019 DD will happen from Friday, 1st Nov. to Saturday, 2nd Nov. 2019, each day from 10:00 to 18:00.
To avoid any unwanted delay for the attendees, the DD will open exactly @ 10:00 each day.

The DD Setup time slot is scheduled on Thursday, 31st Oct. 2019 between 15:00 and 18:00 and on Friday, 1st Nov between 09:00 and 10:00.
The DD Teardown time slot is scheduled on Saturday, 2nd Nov. 2019 between 18:00 and 19:00.
During the setup and teardown time slots, entrance is restricted to FBL Staff, dealers and their assistants.

DD tables size is "Length 184cm * Width 67.5cm * Height 74cm".
DD table plan and list will be provided once the DD is full.

Any question about your application ? Mail us at : dealersden@fblacklight.org

Please note : Due to hotel restrictions, it is not allowed to cook/brew by any means inside the DD. But as the DD is not located in the common areas of the hotel, bringing outside food in the DD is tolerated as long as it does not incomodate your dealer neighbours by any means.

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Please use the nickname you gave us during your FBL 2019 registration.
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Your badge number: *
Your badge number must be filled in, it must be valid and it must be your FBL 2019 attendee number. You must register for FBL 2019 to apply.
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Your business name:
This name will be printed on the DD page in the conbook and on the website. It's not mandatory but it's needed by some dealers in some very particular cases. If it's left blank, your nickname will be used then for printing purposes.
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Your assistant's nickname and badge number:
Answer only if you need an assistant during the setup/teardown phases of the DD (access will be restricted during those time slots). Only one assistant allowed per dealer.
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Tablemate nickname and badge number:
If you want to share your table with another dealer, please give us his nickname and badge number. This dealer must also fill a DD application form and indicate you as their tablemate the same way.
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