McAlpine Hussmann Contractor Safety Induction - 2017
Welcome to the McAlpine Hussmann Limited Contractor Safety induction. The aim of this induction is to introduce our safety systems and expectations in order to ensure a safe working environment for McAlpine Hussmann Limited employees, customers and contractors.

The Induction will take approximately 20 minutes and is divided into topics. Each Topic is followed by a set of questions and both must be completed before you can progress on to the next screen.

When you click the 'Submit' button on the final screen the McAlpine Hussmann EHS Manager will assess your answers. You are required to achieve a minimum score of 90%. If you fail to reach this minimum you will be advised and required to complete the induction again.

IMPORTANT: The Induction refers to various forms and policies listed below. You can view these by clicking the links below:

Near Miss Report form --

Incident Report form --

Drug and Alcohol Policy --

Terms and conditions:

| 1 | Complete the induction in its entirety and ensure the appropriate type for your trade/service provision is selected and business contact details are completed.

| 2 | There may be disruptions to the McAlpine Hussmann Limited General Safety Induction System from time to time. McAlpine Hussmann Limited will not be liable for these disruptions.

| 3 | The material contained in this McAlpine Hussmann Limited Safety Contractor Induction is protected by copyright.

| 4 | McAlpine Hussmann Limited will take all reasonable steps to ensure the material contained in this course is accurate and current.

| 5 | McAlpine Hussmann Limited is not liable if interference with or damage to your computer occurs in connection with the use of the McAlpine Hussmann Limited General Safety Induction or an external site. You must take your own pre-cautions to ensure that your computer is protected from viruses etc. that may interfere with or damage the operations of your computer.

If you are having technical problems completing this induction please contact the McAlpine Hussmann Limited EHS Manager on 09-526-6841.

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