New OrderCloud Documentation and Console Feedback
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The first part of this survey will be all about getting feedback on the new features and improvements to the Console. To get there go to the portal home page and then either create a new tab or select a recent one.
When was the last time you used the new Console? *
Approximately how many times per week do you use the new Console? *
How comfortable are you using the new Console *
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How difficult was the learning curve for you to be comfortable using the new Console? *
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Do you feel there are adequate resources available to you in order to help you do what you need to accomplish in the new Console? *
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Approximately how long do you think you spend in the new Console during a given session? *
Are there any immediate pain points that you can think of that would reduce the amount of time that you interact with the new Console? *
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In general, how has your experience been navigating the new UI? *
We've introduced a new way to select user context! Inspiration taken from mac's file search. We hope this makes it easier for you to swap contexts as well as neatly see all of the relationships associated with the current context
Do you find that selecting a user context in the new Console is easier than before, the same, or more difficult? *
Any general comments about the new context selector?
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New feature: Tabs & right click option menu
How often do you use the new tabs feature in the new Console? *
If you have used it, how useful do you find the right click options? (If you have not used this feature, leave this one blank!)
Not useful
Very useful
Any general comments on tabs?
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New Feature: Search endpoints
When selecting an endpoint in the new Console, do you more often use the new search bar or the traditional drop-down list to find what you're looking for? *
If you do use the new search bar are you able to find the results you're looking for?
Any general comments about finding endpoints in the new Console?
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New Feature: Form inputs everywhere. Previously you could only enter inputs by building up a JSON object. While simple, we found this didn't let us do any kind of validation on inputs and left a lot to be desired for in terms of usability. Now we offer form inputs everywhere in addition to the old JSON inputs
Do you prefer the new form inputs or the traditional JSON input?
Any general comments about the new Form inputs?
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During the last few months we've been slowly moving many endpoints that were previously only available in the private Devcenter API to the public OrderCloud API. This means a lot of what you could do in the dashboard is now simply available in the new Console which is a win for simplicity! With this change comes the ability to manage this functionality either through the traditional UI, or simply toggle over to a raw form view for power users. Click on the lightning bolt icon to toggle to the raw form view.
When the option is given, do you prefer the traditional UI or the raw form inputs? *
When making requests to an endpoint, the new Console has a form layout that converts your request body input to JSON for you. Do you find this easier than having to manually input JSON? *
No difference
Much easier
How helpful has the documentation search bar been for you when trying to locate specific information? *
Not helpful at all
Very helpful
Do you find yourself going to our Docs, or API reference more frequently? *
Do you find that Docs and API reference being separate entities is intuitive and helpful, or did you prefer when everything could be found in Docs? *
Management of organizations is now accessible from the portal home page. This functionality could previously be found in the Dashboard along with some other features like Webhooks, API Clients, Security Profiles, etc which have since been moved into the Console.
Do you find that Organization Management is easier to understand and use than the previous setup of Dashboard?
No Difference
Much Easier
Have you read any of our blog posts? *
If you have read a blog post, did you find it helpful?
Any general feedback on Docs or Organizations?
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Anything else you'd like us to know?
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