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*If No and you're travelling out of your Resident Country - Do you have Travel Insurance that covers the higher risk sport of mountain biking?
If you're unsure, read your policy or call your provider to confirm.
*If No and your currently policy does not cover the activity of Mountain Biking - Would you like the contact for Simpson Group Insurance?
The Simpson Group Insurance has partnered with lbbikes to give guests amazing premiums and quality coverage that includes travel medical/health insurance that includes coverage for the higher risk sport of Mountain Biking.
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Examples - BC, Yukon, Alberta etc if Canadian OR the Name of your Health Insurance Provider (Simpson Group, Global Star, etc)
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Riders Current Mountain Bike Skill Level and Goals
This gives a better understanding of your current riding level and skill development goals.

About how many years have you been riding
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Have you taken any mountain bike skill development instruction before? *
If so, Name of program and include the year !!
(As with bike technology, mountain bike skill development also progresses)
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Along with learning and/or refining a solid riding position, I would like to solidify or gain a deeper understanding to ...
List In order of preference
Breaking and Traction
Advanced Breaking and Traction
Berms and Various Cornering Techniques
Technical Steeps
Air / Drops
Air / Drops Advanced
Air / Jumps
Air / Jumps Advanced
Any other skills not mentioned that you want to learn?
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To help us understand your current level for Air with Drops, the size of Air / Drops your currently comfortable doing is ...
To help us understand you level for Air with Jumps, the size of Air with Jumps your currently comfortable doing is ...
IF your selected medium to extra large jumps - Are you doing gap jumps?
On regular mountain bike trails with NO Air features, How would you or your peers describe your riding style?
Will you be using your Own Bike or a Rental / Borrowed Bike *
Have you or a bike shop set your personal suspension (SAG) or handle bar lever positioning " *
Is there anything you want to ask/add about bike set up, gear,specific products, etc?
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In your own words, what are your main goals? OR What have we missed?
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Whistler Mountain Bike Park (WMBP)
Have you previously ridden the WMBP? *
If No - Please Review the WMBP Orientation Guide
As mentioned in the above, WMBP Strongly Encourages a Full Face Helmet to better protect you head. Will you be using a Full Face helmet? *
If you are choosing not to, make sure you carefully read the WMBP and lbbikes waiver and understand your risks. Contact me to further answer any questions.
Have You Read and Understood the lbbikes Waiver? *
Give it a read and let me know if you have any questions !!. There's no need to print it as we'll sign one I'll provide together before our session !!
Is there anything else you'd like to ask or add?
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Thank you !!
I look forward to riding with you soon


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