Spring 2019 Semester Mission Trip Scholarships
NEASRNA will be giving away THREE $300 SCHOLARSHIPS for SRNAs who are taking part in a Mission Trip during the Spring 2019 semester. Scholarship deadline is April 5th, 2019. Please note if you are going on a mission trip prior to this scholarship deadline you will still be considered for this opportunity. We encourage all SRNAs within our organization who are participating in a mission trip to apply. Applicants are judged based on quality of essays, grammar, NEASRNA participation, and Program Director support. By participating in our scholarship opportunity, applicants agree that portions of their essays and social media content may be used for promotional purposes. For questions, please email fundraising@neasrna.org.
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What are the dates of your mission trip? *
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What made you want to participate in a mission trip? *
What goals do you have for this trip and what are your plans to accomplish them? *
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Scholarship winners will be notified in the middle of April if selected. Scholarship monetary disbursement will be provided to scholarship winners AFTER they attend their mission trip and provide photos and a short blurb about their Mission Trip experience to NEASRNA. *
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