C-STEM application for 8th grade
Last day to apply is April 7th!
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Have you participated in any summer camps, clubs, courses or other activities related to science, math, or computing? *
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How much do you like to do math? *
I get depressed every time I have to do a math problem. Whoever invented math must have been a mean person.
It's my passion! Sometimes I go to clubs at lunch or after school because I find math so fun! I thought everyone did that?!?
How much do you like to do science? *
Not at all. I get depressed every time I have to do a science lab.
It's my passion! I go to clubs at lunch or after school because I find science so fun! I wish every day was science lab day.
How much do you like working with computers? *
Not at all. I hate computers. I wish they had never been invented.
If my family would only let me, I would never turn off my computer (phone, video game, ipad) screen. NEVER.
Rank your program preferences.
Granite Oaks Middle School will honor student preferences to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee students will receive their 1st choice--or any of their choices. Be honest and consistent when you rank your interest in each program. If for example, you rank C-STEM first, but then apply to AVID and rank AVID first, and then rank Advanced ELA first on the Advanced ELA application -- ALL programs will disregard your preferences.
If you are applying to more than one program, rank your 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc. *
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Advanced English
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