Clear Backblast Questionnaire
This is a short, get-to-know-you questionnaire we'd like you to fill out if you're interested in the Clear Backblast! community. It helps us understand who you are, what you want from the games we play, and how we can help you get the most out of your time with us. Answer honestly, this information will be kept private.

After you've completed this, the best thing you can do is join our Discord server and introduce yourself:

Feel free to sign up for any game listed or post to the subreddit. If you've got questions or would like setup help, just ask! You'll also find general information about Clear Backblast! as well as setup guides and troubleshooting assistance on the subreddit sidebar.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an application, and you do not need to wait for a response before manshooting with us!

In-Game Name / Handle *
The name shown in-game on your profile
Age *
Entry will not be denied based on age, please be honest as this gives us an idea of the community's makeup. Again, this information is kept private.
Timezone *
This helps us get an idea of when we should plan events to ensure maximum coverage for all players. Please respond with Country followed by your time relative to GMT/UTC
Arma Exp. *
NOTE: Vanilla does not include Dayz. //// This and the following questions help us understand how much you know about the game, and whether you will need any help setting up, or training, both of which we are more than happy to provide.
Experience with mods *
For Arma 3, we use ACE3 (with advanced madical) and ACRE2 which overhauls and changes the core of how the game is played.
What is your favorite part of Arma? *
What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most? Planning assaults and team leading, boots on the ground infantry work, flying or driving?
Why Clear Backblast? *
What made you choose to play with us?
If you know someone in CBB who directed you here, put their username here, otherwise leave it blank.
Email/Reddit Username *
We will use this to get in touch with you, so please use something you check regularly!
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