San Francisco Ice Theatre 2019-2020 Season
Please complete this registration form to audition for the San Francisco Ice Theatre. Information is required for placement purposes, so complete a new form for each individual skater who will be auditioning for the team.

Casting Guideline:
Preliminary: Ages: 6-15; Pre-Preliminary MIF (by 1/30/2020); Freestyle ISI FS 4 & up
Novice: Ages: 8-15; Juvenile/Intermediate MIF; Single jumps preferred, Axel, a plus; Bronze pattern/Juvenile solo dance
Junior: Ages: 12-19; Junior MIF (by 1/30/2020); Single jumps, including Axel preferred; double and trip jumps are a plus; Pre-silver dance and up
Adult: Ages: 18+; Preliminary MIF/Adult Silver/ISI Adult Silver; strong skating skills, including single, and/or double jumps, Triple jumps and pairs are a plus.

Audition date/time: September 7, 2019 @ Ice Oasis San Mateo
Novice 6:00-7:30AM
Junior 7:30-9:00AM
Preliminary 9:00-10:00AM
Adult: TBD
**Please arrive 30 minutes prior to register. Fee: $75 (check made out to: SFIT)

Call back and Second Casting: September 14, 2019, 6:00-10:00AM (We realize September 7 is the weekend of St. Moritz and Solo Nationals. If you are competing in these events, please let us know so we can register you for 9/14 casting.)
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