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Thank you for your interest in  Making Housing & Community Happen (MHCH)!

We have a number of ways you can become involved to make a real difference in housing justice:

1. ALLY - Receive MHCH's newsletter! We invite you to attend Monthly Housing Justice Forums (4th Tuesday Each Month) and we encourage your participation.
Visit our website and complete our newsletter form to keep in touch.

2. TEAM MEMBER - To join one of MHCH's OPEN committees you will need to contact the committee leader for an interview. MHCH's committees are as follows: ADU (OPEN), ASHA (OPEN), Safe Parking (OPEN), Congregational Land, North Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative (OPEN), CLT (OPEN). Visit for more information.

3. LIAISON - Represent your congregation (MORE INFO:
Note: To become a liaison you will need to set up an interview with Bert Newton, Liaison Network Coordinator.

4. PARTNERSHIP - Some organizations are official partners with MHCH with our common goals aligned but each of us operating in our strengths and own mission. We are better and stronger together.

5. DONOR - To sustain our efforts we need one-time and ongoing monthly commitments. You can pay in a variety of way which are described in this link (INSERT LINK). We feel so grateful for those that have so generously supported our efforts.

6. There are other ways to become meaningfully involved that we are open to explore with you. Contact Jill Shook ( to share ways that you might like to contribute.

To get involved, simply scroll down to complete the following application:
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Are you interested in being considered for one of MHCH's committees?  Please select which ones. Be sure to contact the committee leader (listed below) to schedule an interview! *
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