Emily Waymire Family Constellation Preview
The following questions are taken from my full intake questionnaire which will help you to find out who is part of your field and having the greatest affect on you. For the full intake form and to find out more email us at support@emilywaymire.com
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What is the main issue(s) you would like to see shift?  If you could achieve only one goal, what would it be? What would be a good outcome? What is stopping you from being fully you? *
What is your biggest fear in life? *
Who/What do you think has power or control over you? (Money, family, trauma, illness, etc.) *
Was there perinatal, birth or postpartum trauma or medical interventions with you or your mother? *
What is your heritage and who immigrated? Why did your family come to this country? *
Have you or anyone else in your family had a special or difficult fate such as illness, dying young, wanting to die or a disability? *
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