MEF Leadership Interest/Recommendation Form
Please share if you are interested in or if you would recommend anyone for a certain position. Don't be shy, let the gifts that God has given you shine! Please recommend people you see potential in too.

You don't need to fill out every position. And you could always fill it out again if you get more ideas.

**It is all leaders job to fit their respective area of influence into the the purpose of establishing and advancing witnessing communities in every campus culture.

responsibilities: rally fellowship around our purpose of advancing witnessing communities, lead/coach/raise-up other leaders, set accountability for other leaders
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Soul Cafe (Large Group) Coordinator
responsibilities: pick topics, book speakers, coordinate teams for set-up/welcome/worship, MC's large group, oversees all duties related to large group
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Large Group Team
Set Up - arrives by 6:30 pm every week to put room in order- chairs, lights, signs, A/V equipment; Greeting Team - arrives by 6:45 pm every week to check people in and greet new people; Ordering Food - orders food using seamless account every week by 6:00 pm and makes sure it is delivered/ picked up by 7:00 pm; MC (Announcements & Introducing) - facilitates large group meeting, introduces guest/topic and worship band, says announcements; Clean Up - stays after meeting ends (9:30-10:30 pm) to put room back in order, clean tables, throw away garbage, stack chairs, return equipment; Sending Email - secretary or person they designate
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responsibilities: make budget decisions for semester and individual events, coordinate reimbursements with NYU student activities, maintains contact with small group leaders, large group coordinator, and social chair to determine financial needs
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Worship Leader
responsibilities: bring purpose of Soul Cafe , pick topics, book speakers, lead set-up, welcome teams etc
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Small Group Leaders
responsibilities: build a witnessing community in a specific campus culture, lead Bible studies, invite new members, set time and place for meetings, Women's, Men's, LaFe, Athletes, Business, Arts, Nurses, Muslim Christian Dialogue, or feel free to recommend new areas we can reach out to
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responsibilities: send weekly emails about large group and small group events, social events, and other information to all members; communicates with Marketing/Publicity director, Social Chair, small group leaders, and large group coordinator to keep everyone informed about club events; takes notes at Core meetings and disseminates important information.
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Social Chair
responsibilities: Comes up with weekly events or delegates responsibility to specific people who will be hosting, Keeps social media and website up to date, creates FB events for ALL events (large group, small groups, social events) or delegates these responsibilities , Communicates with FIT, Publicity Director, and treasurer to facilitate events and outreach
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Publicity Director (part of Social Chair team)
responsibilities: get word out to wider public, maintain website, design and post fliers and e-fliers, maintain social media presence, create Facebook events
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Follow Up Integration Coordinator
responsibilities: leads fellowship to welcome in new people we have met or already know, manages data and sets accountability for individuals to follow up with new people
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Follow Up Integration Team Member
responsibilities: works with Follow Up Integration coordinator to reach out to new and prospective members
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Outreach Leader
responsibilities: leads fellowship to meet new people, works with FIT coordinator to welcome in people on the fringes and helps the fellowship grow in evangelism
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Study Abroad liason
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any recommendations for new positions?
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