e-NABLE Community Chapters
Welcome to the new e-NABLE Chapters Connection!

With the incredible growth of this project over the past year, there are more and more groups who have started forming chapters in their own communities.

We are seeing a larger number of e-NABLE Chapters forming in schools, universities, libraries, makerspaces, fab labs, youth groups, after school enrichment clubs, scout troops, businesses and other groups who are interested in helping to print hands for recipients and teach others to do the same.

Please fill out the form below if you:

1. Have formed an e-NABLE Chapter already and would like to be included on the map and listings page on enablingthefuture.org - so that recipient families in your own communities can find you more easily, you can help mentor new chapters and you can help support chapters in other areas who may need assistance with their wait lists.

2. You would like to create an e-NABLE Chapter in your own community and need assistance and mentorship in doing so.

3. You would like to join an existing e-NABLE Chapter and would like our Chapters Facilitator to connect you to a chapter closest to you!

Thank you!!

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