First English Lutheran Church 2020-2021
Sunday School & Youth Registration Consent Form
2020-2021 program year
Only One Registration per form
Please complete a registration form for all youth age 2 through College
Post High youth (college) please include school address
Name of Youth: *
Age: *
Date of Birth: *
Date of Baptism
Grade in School *
E-mail address *
Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) Name *
Address: *
City: *
Zip Code: *
Primary Phone Number *
Secondary Phone Number
Post High College Address
Emergency Contact Person (other than parent): *
Emergency Contact Phone: *
Emergency Contact relationship to youth: *
Allergies/ Conditions *
By agreeing to this form, my son/daughter has my permission to participate in First English Lutheran Church Sunday School and Youth Events (including off site travel) from September 2020- August 2021. I understand that photographs may be taken of my child that may be posted within the church or on the Youth/FELC web locations and that no personal information about my child will be disclosed. Due to COVID19 I also grant permission for my child to attend ZOOM youth events.
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