Application for Startup Refugees Entrepreneurship Course (online)
Welcome to apply for Startup Refugees online Entrepreneurship Course! The training is free of charge and will be organised online between 14.1.–26.3.2021.

You can work or study full time while at the course. Our workshops will be mostly organised on Monday and Thursday evenings at 17.00-20.00. The total amount of work is 50 hours so be prepared to work for your business idea!

The course starts with workshops and home assignments (first 5 weeks). The participants who show high motivation will be offered also personal coaching and mentoring by business professionals in the second part of the course (last 4 weeks).

80% attendance and returning home assignments (that are designed to help participants develop their business ideas further) are required for completing the course and getting a certificate.

Startup Refugees Entrepreneurship Course offers support to newcomers who are committed to turning their business idea into reality. You might just have an idea or a dream of starting a business or you might be already running your own early phase company. You do not need to be a refugee but those who struggle to get similar information and service elsewhere come first when we select the participants.

The application period ends on 4.1.2021. We will contact all applicants personally and tell who have received a seat at the course.

All information you give us is confidential. We will use it only for planning and organising the course and other services to support you the best possible way.

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