PCS Dual Language Program Application
We are now accepting application for the Dual Language Program at South Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School for the 2019-2020 school year.

If you are applying to 2 children, please complete an application for each child.

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If PCS CANNOT provide transportation for those outside of the Woodland and South Elementary attendance zone, will your child still be able to attend? *
Please note that if you do live in the South Elementary or Woodland Elementary attendance zones, transportation is guaranteed.
- I will receive a confirmation letter from the district indicating the status of my child's enrollment and that submission of this form does NOT ensure enrollment to the program.
Requirements for Enrollment
- I agree to support and encourage biliteracy and bilingualism for my child.
- I agree to support the program efforts at the school.
I have read and understand the acknowledgements and requirements above and would like to enroll my child in the Dual Language Program. *
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