LITA @ ALA Annual 2018 - New Orleans, Meeting Submissions
Committee and Interest Group Chairs

Please complete this form to request a meeting time slot, or to cancel a regular Saturday morning time slot, at the upcoming 2018 ALA Annual conference June 21-26 in New Orleans, LA. The deadline date for submitting your meeting space requirements and AV is:

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Please note we’ll automatically schedule the usual Saturday, June 23, morning all chairs meeting, followed by the all committees and interest groups meeting in the same large open room:
8:30 - 10:00 am LITA Joint Chairs Meeting
10:30 - 11:30 am LITA All Committees and Interest Groups Meeting

Interest Groups should tell me if you want a specific listing inclusion in the Saturday 10:30 - 11:30 am listings.
Committees if you do NOT want to be included in the Saturday morning slot listings, please indicate so below.

Committees and Interest Groups wanting additional meetings MUST fill out this form. Example uses would be:
- Interest Group managed discussions and meetings
- Committee meetings to meet members time constraints

When requesting meeting space and AV equipment please remember that there are specific costs to LITA, so please request what you need, but try to refrain from making requests based on "just in case". Thank you and see you in New Orleans.

Mark Beatty, LITA Programs and Marketing Specialist,

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Please cancel, and do not list our regular Saturday morning meeting.
Use this only if you absolutely know your group will not meet at the Saturday morning all Committees and IGs meeting. You can still request a different meeting or session if needed.
Meeting Title *
Please enter your specific meeting title. If you are holding a managed discussion list that title here too.
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Meeting Description *
A shorter less than 100 word version of your description will appear in the conference book, the full description will appear in the online scheduler.
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List any co-sponsoring division or round table.
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Main Contacts, Speakers, and Moderator *
For each person we must have: First Name, Last Name, email address, job title and institution affiliation. These are required.
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Room arrangement *
Choose your preferred set up, for other please specify in the provided box.
Do you need a head table?
If so list the number of persons that will be at the table in the final comments box, thank you.
Do you need a standing podium?
Do you need a screen and projector?
You should plan on bringing your own laptop(s) and appropriate connectors to work with a VGA cable
Do you need power strips?
Please only request for longer working sessions, indicate number needed in the final comments box, thank you.
Do you need an internet connection?
Please only request for sessions requiring a robust connection for programmatic activities. WiFi is only freely provided to meeting rooms in the convention center. We try to schedule all LITA meetings in the convention center, but there are no guarantees.
Do you need microphones
Please choose from the options, mics are only available for meetings of 40 or more, if you need more mics please specify in the final comment box, thank you.
Please enter any Twitter hashtags for your sessions
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Please list descriptors for your meeting.
List here any keywords or subject headings, types of libraries or intended audiences, that would help a potential attendee find your meeting in the online scheduler.
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Content Areas
These are specific ALA suggested groupings to help attendees find content of interest to them. Please choose one.
Will you need catering?
Is this a special event requiring catering and perhaps other services, describe here.
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Final Comments
Use this space to elaborate on your answers above. Add any additional information that will help make your meeting a success. For example if it's a working meeting do you need flip charts.
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LITA, Mark Beatty,
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