Food or Object
Food or Object is a segment where we put a food and a random object head-to-head, and decide which one we could live without. You must take one, and lose the other for good. All of the debates below have been discussed on the show, and are in no particular order. You can use this form to weigh-in on each one yourself. You may fill out as little, or as many as you want, then scroll to the bottom, and hit "Submit".
Mashed Potatoes vs. Buckets
Butter vs. Stairs
Chocolate vs. Insulation
French Toast vs. Stop Signs
Pizza vs. Internet
Calzones vs. Wheels
Sour Cream vs. Heaven's Gate Cult
Cheese vs. Cameras
Tacos vs. PC's
Baked Lay's vs. Marbles
Spices vs. Towels
Swiss Cheese vs. Flash Drives
Gatorade vs. Plastic Wrap
Brownies vs. Wallets
Fried Chicken vs. Face Buttons
Alcohol vs. Foam Cushions
Carrots vs. CD Cases
Dinner Rolls vs. Carpets
Steak vs. Surround Sound
Meatballs vs. Hotels
Energy Drinks vs. Deodorant
Alcohol vs. Light Bulbs
Apples vs. Phone Cases
Strawberry Flavoring vs. Analog Clocks
Pumpkins vs. Bed Sheets
Candy Corn vs. Vending Machines
Lasagna vs. Plastic Bags
Cheese vs. Electricity
French Fries vs. Jackets
Potato Wedges vs. Tables
Muffins vs. Thumb Tacks
Chewing Gum vs. The Beatles
Thin Crust Pizza vs. Alarm Clocks
Milk Shakes vs. Joysticks
Oranges vs. Taxi Cabs / Uber / Lyft
Lettuce vs. Drawstring Bags
Turkey (the food) vs. Turkey (the country)
Ice Cream vs. Headphones
Cinnamon vs. Remotes
Sub Sandwiches vs. Aluminum Cans
Jalapeño Peppers vs. Yarn
Potato Chips vs. Stereo Audio
Rice vs. Carnival Games
Bananas vs. Cups
Stuffing vs. Snow Plows
Coffee vs. Speakers
Chicken Nuggets vs. Scissors
Cheeseburgers vs. Sheetrock
Toaster Strudel vs. Flat-head Screwdrivers
Pepperoni vs. Aquariums
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