RSVP: Neighborhood Leader Training (20 or 23 August, 2017)
When we examine our political reality, it's easy to get frustrated and feel powerless.

RIGHT NOW, the Neighborhood Leader Program - Multnomah Edition provides an opportunity to reclaim the power of the people, and you can help us share that power with your own neighbors like never before! Become a trusted messenger and a gateway to greater involvement in the political process.

- 35 households, about 4 times per year, right outside your door
- Build neighborhood connections
- Empowered communities
- Increased voter turnout
- Leveled trainings through the Multnomah Democrats

Let's work together, build community, and elect candidates who respond to the people they represent!

If you have a laptop or tablet please bring one. They are helpful when learning how to access your turf! Paper turf is an alternative option, which you would need to print out at home after the training.

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