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Holmes Tutoring is partnering with Every Child Reads (ECR) to bring a web-based reading program into schools and homes free of charge! This program is perfect for students between the ages of 7-9 (roughly first and second graders) who may be falling behind in reading or are looking for a reading program that teaches according to the science of reading. At this time, lessons will be conducted virtually with certified teachers, using the Zoom platform. Students will be grouped according to their placement tests and ongoing monitoring will be conducted to determine if groups need to be changed for better learner outcomes. It is important for ongoing data to be collected to continue to have this program free of charge so please ONLY serious inquires. Please fill out this survey in its entirety so we can determine if this program is a good fit for you. Note that parents may be asked to complete an informed consent document so we can have it on file for data purposes. Please reach out to Keara@valuestoaction.org if you have any questions. 
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What is your child's name? (Please fill out a separate document if you have more than one child looking for tutoring)  *
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Do you have a designated area in your home free of distractions and background noise for tutoring?  *
This program works best when students are taught five days a week for 30 minutes a day. Priority spots will go towards students who have availability for tutoring. Please indicate what days your child CAN be available for tutoring.  *
Times for tutoring will depend on what placement your student tests in. A placement test must be conducted prior to the first tutoring lesson for ALL students. Middle and End data collection will also be conducted to determine progress. You understand that timing for tutoring sessions will depend on what lesson your student tests in after the placement test is conducted. You also understand that students can be switched to a different group if data shows it's warranted. (*Note: The times and days for tutoring will be sent to you in advance after placement tests are conducted).  *
Even though this program is free of charge and the workbook is included, we do ask for parents to print the workbook pages that will be used (we suggest hole punching them and putting them into a spiraled notebook) to go along with the sessions. Students are expected to bring the workbook to every class including a pencil. Are you willing to ensure your child has the appropriate workbook page and a pencil ready for each class?  *
When ALL placement tests are completed, we will be able to start grouping and execute the program (which should be by the end of the month or early May). Please list when your student(s) is available to begin the program (starting with taking the placement test and other baseline data). 
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We will try our best to conduct tutoring around the majority of times given to us by parents. However, please know that times will not be set until after all placement tests are conducted to determine the number of small groups needed for tutoring. Please list time frames that you are the most likely to be available (Example: mornings between 8-10am; afternoons between 12 - 2pm; evenings between 5-7pm). Please also list your time zone. (*Note: All sessions will be in CST unless otherwise stated).  *
Classes will be recorded for data and training purposes. No recordings will be shared outside of Every Child Reads and Holmes Tutoring without parental consent. For this reason, please be sure that attire is appropriate. You acknowledge that lessons will be recorded and not distributed without prior consent.  *
The program that will be used is a web based narrated direct instruction program. It is teacher led and strongly resembles the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. There are 120 lessons in this program and it is recommended to work in 30 minute increments when using this program. The program is called Funnix, and it uses evidenced based practices to help students truly learn how to read. We are hoping that with your help, we can collect data on your student(s) throughout the completion of these 120 lessons to bring awareness of the effectiveness of this program. This is the reason we are allowing dedicated families and schools to use the program free of charge with a skilled tutor. 

To learn more about the program, feel free to visit valuestoaction.org/ecr or you can read a review from the Curriculum Choice: making homeschool decisions easy at thecurriculumchoice.com/funnix-reading-program-review/
Holmes Tutoring has a zero bullying policy and behavior must be managed by the guardian of the student(s) receiving services or termination of services can take place. Do you agree to follow all behavior expectations during tutoring?  *
Do you agree to let your assigned tutor know in advance when your child/student will not be able to make a tutoring session? (*email addresses for assigned tutors will be given prior to session start date). *
Communication is very important to us. We primarily communicate via email. We send workbooks, links to Zoom meetings, and additional information via email. Do you agree to check your email and respond promptly to tutors? Do you also agree to notify your tutor in advance (if possible) if your student(s) has to miss any tutoring sessions?  *
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