Semester 1 Survey
What do debaters like even more than the economist? Telling people exactly what they think of them and constructive criticism structured neatly in 7 sub points.

But seriously, we want ANU debating to be the best experience for you all and to do that we need to know your likes and dislikes, rave review or if you want us in the bin room.
Please be honest as this form is completely anonymous. We will try to take your suggestions under advisement.

Also if you love anu debating, feel free to say so since the crushing reality of uni has begun again and we all need a pickmeup.
How involved are you in anu debating?
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Overall, how would you rate the society?
really really subpar
Super good
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How do you rate internals? (if you attend)
Terrible - i dont want to go
Amazing - highlight of my day
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Any comments on internals?
How do you rate the training provided?
learnt nothing
learnt so much
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Any comments on training?
How do you rate the amount of practice debates last semester?
Better to have none
Can't wait for more
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Any comments on practice debates?
How do you rate majors? (if you have been to one)
What a waste of time
Best experience
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Any comments about majors?
What do you enjoy most about debating?
What do you dislike most?
What would you want to be changed?
Have you ever thought about dropping out?
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If yes - why did you want to drop out?
Would you rather:
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