Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra
Please complete this registration form for the November Free Session and/or 4-week Series. Feel free to sign up for the Free Session now, and then decide about the 4-week Series later. You'll receive an email with zoom access details and further information. To learn about my work or contact me, visit my website:
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The 4-week series is offered on a sliding scale (meaning pay you choose from $40 to 100 for the whole 4-week series). I'm committed to making this practice accessible – if you're keen to participate and payment is an obstacle, contact me. If you have abundant funds, I invite you to consider supporting someone else in the spirit of community care.
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I understand that the role of iRest is to help guide me to my own inner wisdom and healing capacity. As a participant, my role is to be aware of signals from the body-mind system. I engage with the practice in a way that supports my well-being and know that I can choose not to participate at any time. I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks. I understand that iRest is not a substitute for medical attention. It is my responsibility to consult a physician about any health conditions. Kathleen Burr is not diagnosing or treating any medical issues. I agree to advise her of any challenges that arise during the practice. I agree not hold Kathleen Burr liable. *
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