2019 Sat-ra Membership Committee
We want the membership committee to work for you! Help us build on the teachings of our ritual and truly have peace and harmony within our gates while having fun! We'd love for Sat-ra Temple to be the place everyone wants to be and we can only get there with your help. All responses are anonymous*, there are places for your own text that you may put your name if you wish. The information from this form will be to help the membership committee and Temple Line Officers make changes to support our members. Be as honest as you wish, this is a safe place and this is for the betterment of our Temple. Non-descriptive data concerning meeting times may be shared at a Temple Stated Session but will not have identifying data as to who answered that way(even if you were the only one).

* Your email address is only shared with the Membership Chairman Samantha Gunn, PQ and will not be shared with other members of the committee or the Temple. Your answers will be held with the highest confidentiality. The email address will allow the membership chairman to follow up with you if you request or if we need some clarification on a response.
Email *
Would you like to help out with the membership committee and events(NOT fundraisers)? *
What types of activities or events would you like to see the membership committee sponsor? *
What is your favorite thing about Daughters of the Nile? *
What is your least favorite thing about Daughters of the Nile? *
Stated Session Meeting Times
We'd like to know where the membership stands on meeting times. We can't make everyone happy but will try to be accommodating. Many agree that the Sessions are long, this is something that many Temples have issues with too! Sessions can only be shortened with the help of all members, arrive on time and ready to go at the start, keep side chatter minimal, make reports short and to the point, and advise the Queen of anything you'd like to discuss (this helps plan the meeting and doesn't catch the Queen off guard). Sessions CAN be under 2 hours!
Stated Session time has been a big discussion in recent years. Let us know the times that you prefer. *
If we haven't seen you in awhile can you let us know how we can do better? (Optional)
Feel free to leave any feedback or ideas concerning membership and fun things you'd like to see (NOT fundraisers) *
We want to hear your story! Why did you become a member? What advice do you have for newer members? Plus, possibly be featured in an upcoming newsletter!
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. We promise to help you every step of the way and to bring some fun to our Temple!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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