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USANA is all about personalized Nutriton and that includes our Macro-Nutrient Foods.

The labels are SIMPLE, CLEAN-- Free from GMO's, ingredients you can't pronounce and Gluten. Stevia is used as the primary sweetner & Coconut Oil has been added for it's host of health benefits. The Shakes and bars provide you with sustained energy are packed with protein

Prices are shown in US & Canadian Dollars and do not include shipping and any taxes that may apply to your order. Your currency will be selected according to the mailing address you provide and you will receive and email summarizing the contents/total of your order before your payment is processed.

*The USANA MySmart Foods have been Featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

The USANA Difference: Effective, Safe, Science-based, Pharmaceutical Quality

Supplement Facts:

A Short Introduction to the USANA MySmartFoods™
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