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Please take the time to fill in this from below to help guide the production of your new website and video. This form includes business details, brand message and scheduling your video and photography shoot.

Your responses will be directly used on your website. There will be opportunity for revisions at first draft of your website.

This could take anywhere from 25 minutes to much longer depending how well you know your business, so grab a coffee and lets get started!
Full name of your business *
Business address *
Main business phone number *
Primary contact name *
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Secondary contact name
Secondary contact phone number
Existing website address
Existing social media channels
Please check which social media channels your brand is on that you would like to link to on your website.
Do you have an active Instagram account? *
Instagram photos are a great way to keep your website fresh with new images and display your brand personality. We can display an Instagram feed on the home page of your website.
Your brand statement - 60 - 75 words *
Describe your business offering to someone who knows nothing about you. Include what you do, what you offer, why get it from you and where you are located.
Your brand tagline - 4 to 12 words
These will be the first words your web visitor sees, highlighting the key benefit or your offering and reflects the personality of your business. For instance MnM's tagline is "Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands" This is not required, if you have a clear brand statement - see above - we can help with the tagline.
List the services you offer. *
Specifically list the services you offer. Be specific and include paragraph description and prices. This is the data we will use on your website.
Key benefits of your offering *
List 1 - 4 key benefits of your offering. These can be in point form or fully formed sentences. We will use a visual tool like a graphic, photography or video to support these points.
"About Us" statement - under 50 words *
Describe your business. How long you have been in business, what your team is like, how many people make up your team etc.
Team Members *
List each team member you want posted on your website. Provide their name and job title. *Optional - provide contact email and phone and description.
If you would like testimonials on the website, provide at least 3 testimonial quotes from your clients.
If you would like Frequently asked Questions on the website please provide them here. Minimum 3, maximum 8 questions and answers.
Where should we film your business *
Provide the address and description of one location where your video would be best to shoot.
What is the best time of day to showcase your business? *
Think about your clients or customers, is it ok to film while they are there or at a more quiet time of day?
What are three must have shots for the video. *
In addition to the location above, is there a second location required?
If we need to shoot in a second location to accurately represent your business, please let us know. A minimum $100 surcharge applies.
Would aerial video enhance the production?
If you feel that aerial video would enhance the storytelling of your business, we would be happy to include this. Please indicate yes and short answer as to why. A minimum $75 surcharge applies.
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