ION/SMG - Game Idea Submission
Dear Game Designer!

Thank you for contacting us about your game idea. We love hearing from you, but as we get quite a few ideas sent to us we ask you to use this form to have the process running as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Please fill it out as well as you can. You can also add links and attachments below. Generally for us to be able to consider a game submission it has to have a full set of playable rules. If we are interested in going forward with a game we will at that point also need a playable prototype, so make sure you have one or are able to make one that you can provide. Preferably physical, but digital p'n'p or Vassal, Tabletopia or Table Top Simulator may also work, we will discuss this in that case.

If you want to send us anything through regular mail, please send it to:
Ion Game Design
Hammarby Fabriksväg 25
120 30 Stockholm

We will do our best to go through all submissions as quickly as possible and get in touch with you if your ideas is something that catches our interest and that we want to know more about. If you do not receive any answer from us it means that we did not see a fit for it at our company, but wish you the best of luck with other partners.

Again thank you for entrusting your baby to us!

Best regards
The Ion/SMG team

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