Graduation regalia notification
The Anchorage School District recognizes the importance of allowing students to celebrate their tribal identity or cultural heritage when participating in their high school graduation ceremonies. The District also recognizes the importance of maintaining standards of decorum for the ceremonies.

In an effort to balance these interests, students may wear regalia during graduation ceremonies but only when consistent with the following guidelines.

(a) A graduating student may wear traditional objects of tribal regalia or recognized objects of cultural significance. All students must wear the cap and gown customarily worn by all graduating students at their school. Adornment of the cap and gown is allowed consistent with the guidelines outlined here and within the student rights and responsibilities of Anchorage School District. Replacement of the cap and/or gown is not allowed. Adornments shall not include any alphabetical letter, numerals, or written statement, phrases or slogans.

Cords will only be allowed when provided by the school district or a school affiliated program and will be approved in advance by the School Principal or Office of Secondary Education.

Nothing in this graduation regalia protocol section shall be construed to limit the school district’s discretion and authority to prohibit an item that is likely to cause a substantial disruption of, or material interference with, the ceremony.

(b) For purposes of this protocol, the following terms have the following meanings:
1) “Adornment” means something attached to, or worn with, but not replacing, the cap and gown customarily worn at school graduation ceremonies.
2) “Cultural” means recognized practices and traditions of a certain group of people.

(c) Your answers to the following questions will provide written notice to the school administration of your plan to wear items of cultural significance during your graduation ceremony. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the items of adornment that you intend to wear during the ceremony.

The purpose of your prior notice is to allow school administration to evaluate your request to determine consistency with these guidelines and to avoid unexpected delays on the date of graduation.

Deadline: April 15, 2020
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Please describe in detail the item/s of cultural significance that you plan to wear at the graduation ceremony. If you have a picture of the item/s that you plan to wear please email a picture to and include your name and student ID#. *
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