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Certain job duties are restricted to minors by law.  For instance, a cashier may be underage, but a front end manager would be required to be old enough to sell tobacco and alcohol.  Similarly, a deli clerk may be 16 and do most cooking and cleanup, but would be legally unable to operate the deli slicer, an essential task for the job.
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Upon completing this application, I attest that all information given by me is true and complete.  I authorize Stodola’s IGA to verify any of the information concerning my employment, education, or other history with the appropriate individuals or organizations and I authorize them to release such disclosure.  I also authorize IGA to release any information requested by any of my prospective or subsequent employers without any obligation to give me written notice of such disclosure.  I agree that any false information on my application may subject me to discharge at any time during the period of employment.  If hired, I agree that either party may terminate the employment relationship, with or without cause, at any time for any reason as implied by the at will doctrine.  I understand that the only way these arrangements may be altered is in writing directed to me personally only by the president of the company. *
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