FIG General Assembly 2021 - questions and comments
Please write your comments and questions to each of the agenda items in this form. You remarks will be used to pepare a lively, inclusive, relevant and inspiring online General Assembly. Your questions and comments will also be used to make sure that by the end of the General Assembly all agenda items can be adopted. The more questions we can get in advance, the better sessions we can prepare and it will be possible to respond to relevant topics raised by members and individuals. During the session it is also possible to ask questions. It is however more optimal to receive as many questions through this form.
There are three sections in this form:
1. General FIG matters
2. Elections - candidates
3. Commissions, Networks, Task Forces and Permanent Insitutions

Deadline to respond to this form is 10 June 2021
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Do you officially represent a member of FIG? Please write which organisation. If not please continue to next question
Agenda item 7 (and items 6, 8, 9, 10) - Please write your comments and questions to the FIG President and his Council on general FIG matters incl membership matters, FIG activities, cooperation with insitutional partners and sister organisations etc.
Agenda item 11+12 - FIG Finances - please write your comments and questions here
Agenda item 13 - FIG Foundation - please write your comments and questions here
Agenda item 17.1 - Task Force on Governance and Council response - your questions and comments to the report and to the council respons
Agenda item 17.2 - Poll: do you think it is a good idea to install an Engagement Committee as described in the Council response
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