COLLAB Closing Conversations
We've heard every year at COLLAB that folks would appreciate an opportunity for some processing, debrief, and discussion at the end of the day to help cement their learning and next steps. We've also heard every year at COLLAB that folks are exhausted, overwhelmed, and spent by the end of the day and couldn't possibly take in more information or do any thing else that day. We hope that you end your COLLAB day feeling energized, renewed, and excited about incorporating new learnings into your practice. Given these competing needs (those wanting final discussion vs. those not wanting final discussion), we decided this year to offer an OPTIONAL closing session. We are using the Ed Camp Model ( to structure our closing session which will be in the Library from 3:45-4:30 immediately following your last session. If you decide to come, we will collect topics for conversation from you as you walk in the door (ie. "What is on your mind that you'd like to discuss with colleagues to end your day") and then quickly compile those into 3 to 5 overarching topics and then divide into small groups for discussion (ie. "Those who want to discuss X join this group; Those who want to discuss Y join that group"). In order to prep for this we need to get a sense of how many will attend. (Plus we plan to feed you mini-cheesecakes and want to make sure we have enough.) This survey does not commit you by any means, in fact, we want you to have the freedom to decide in the moment but it will aid our planning tremendously if you respond. Thank you.
How likely are you to attend the optional closing conversations at the end of the day at COLLAB?
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