CYOSC Application 2019-2020
Thank you for your interest in Community Youth Orchestra of Southern California. This application is valid for the 2019-2020 concert season for all of our ensembles including the Academy, Sinfonietta, Sinfonia, and Symphony.

Please fill out this form in its entirety. If you are a new student or a returning student requiring an audition, please submit the audition/interview fee on the website so that we can assign you a slot. If you are a returning string player and not trying out for a new ensemble, you do not need to pay an audition/interview fee, and you may submit the tuition online to complete your registration process. If you have any questions, please email us at
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Students returning into the same ensemble as the 2017-2018 season do not need to audition.
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The primary instrument you are auditioning on and plan to play in CYOSC.
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Please review the audition requirements and excerpts on the main web site (, and select a group that is appropriate for your ability level. Please note that we assign students to an ensemble based on our assessment at the audition, and final group placement may be different than the one initially selected in this application.
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CYOSC Staff will send all audition and orchestra season information to this address. Please make sure that is not blocked by your spam filter.
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We strongly encourage students to be members in good standing of their school's instrumental music program, which provides daily instruction in ensemble skills that CYOSC does not replace.
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If you do not currently take private lessons, please write "none." However, we would be happy to assist you in finding one.
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Music Activities
Please advise us of any music activities, including youth orchestras, chamber music, summer festivals, competitions, etc. that you have participated in.
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If accepted, would you be interested in participating in a carpool? *
If so, your zip code and preferred email will be provided to other interested carpool families through a password protected page.
PARENT/GUARDIAN: Are you interested in serving as a member of our volunteer Board of Directors, and/or Volunteering to help the orchestra during the 2018-2019 season? *
Please read our Media Release Form and Orchestra Member Expectations Document:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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