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I-MoToLe is an Erasmus+ project which aims to develop the intrinsic motivation to learn of adults who are at risk of social exclusion.
In this respect the ‘I’ (of I-MoToLe) stands for:
- I for intrinsic motivation
- I for innovation
- I as a learner, motivated to learn
- I as an educator, motivated to motivate my adult learners to learn

Adult education for this section of the population is indeed struggling with high drop-out rates. In our first output Needs Analysis & Analysis of Good Practice (Intellectual Output 1; further referred to as ‘IO1’), we found an average drop-out rate of 36.3% within the organisations involved in the project. Research shows that these rates can be countered by a heightened intrinsic motivation to learn, thus promoting social integration and socio-economic (upward) mobility.

The project was submitted and is being executed by seven partner organisations,
all concerned with educational work with adults at risk of social inclusion:

CEPA Los Llanos | Spain
Agrupamento de Escolas 2 de Beja | Portugal
CVO LBC-NVK Sint-Niklaas | Belgium
Merseyside Expanding Horizons | UK
ANI-International | France
Inspira Plus | Macedonia
Kulturskolan/Stockholm School of the Arts | Sweden

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