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Uutisraivaaja is a media innovation challenge looking for groundbreaking ideas. Do you have one? Apply now by submitting this application form.

Before you start filling in the form, please read the instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions:

Notice that you cannot save the application and continue filling it later. Plan your answers as well as possible in advance. Have also the required attachments ready before starting to fill in the application. The required attachments are: 1) Visualization of your idea and 2) Funding plan for the Uutisraivaaja period. They must be loaded as PDF files.

The application deadline is at 3pm Finnish time on 31 January 2019. We will only accept applications that have arrived by the deadline with the required attachments to the review.

Good luck with the application! Now is your chance to convince the Jury of your idea.

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1. Name of the project. *
2. Name of the applicant, team or organization. *
3. Address. *
4. Place of domicile/residence. *
Note! The applicant or, if the applicant is a group, at least one member in the group must have his/her place of domicile in Finland. Domicile means permanent residence.
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7. Team: List the names of your team members, ages, titles and occupations. Describe shortly the strengths and weaknesses of your team. If the applicant is one person, tell these things about the person. *
Note! At least one applicant in the team must to be at least 18 years old.
8. Idea description. Describe your idea/project/service/product in brief. Answer the questions: What is it? How does it work? Why is it needed? *
Max. 1600 characters.
9. Visualization (attachment). How does your project/service work? Attach a visual description of your project. *
There are several ways to do a good visualization, and you can decide how do you want to visually present your project. The visualization helps the jury to comprehend your idea and how your proposed system works. If you already have a prototype, the visualization can be a picture or an infrastructure explanation of the prototype. You can also use drawings, software on your computer, or free software available online. One example of visualizations: Let’s say you want to build a mobile application by the Uutisraivaaja funding. You can, for instance, present a mock-up of the user interface and illustrate how the user navigates through the app. Attach a PDF-file, max. size 100 Mb.
10. Target group. Who will use your service? Why would they use it? *
11. Integration with other services (e.g. by APIs). If your project uses other existing services, such as Twitter or Facebook, describe here what these services are and how they are used in your project. *
12. What part of your project have you already built, if you have built something? Is it accessible online? If so, write the url here. *
13. Innovativeness. What is innovative and groundbreaking in your project? *
14. Competitors (benchmarking). Make a list of five existing services/projects similar to yours, write their urls (if they are accessible online) and tell how your project is different from those. *
15. Distribution of information and journalism in Finland: How does your project contribute to the distribution of information and journalism in Finland? *
16. Collaboration. Does your project require collaboration with other organizations? If so, what are these organizations, how would the collaboration look like, and what is the status of the collaboration arrangements? *
17. Vision. What is your vision for the future of journalism and the media? *
Describe in brief, what will happen 1) to the business models in the delivery of information, media and journalism 2) to production, publishing and consumption models in media 3) how your own project fits into your vision? 4) how your project will impact on the future of media? Max. 3200 characters.
18. Choose an appropriate category for your project. *
Your project probably fits into several categories, but choose still only one category according to the gist of your project. The given categories are partially overlapping and still no term covers everything. If you cannot find a suitable category, choose the alternative ‘Other’ and fill in to the blank an appropriate category. The categories are used to process the applications and they do not refer to the anticipated areas of innovations in the Uutisraivaaja contest.
19. Duration of your project, in months. *
20. Yearly budget of your project. *
21. Total budget of your project (during the duration of the project, in total). *
22. Amount of funds applied from the Uutisraivaaja Contest (€). *
23. Other funding received or applied for the project, if any. List here the amount of money and the status of the funds (applied for, received, used etc.) *
24. Funding plan during the Uutisraivaaja period (attachment). Attach a file presenting the budget and business plan of your project during the Uutisraivaaja period. *
In the funding plan, it is vital to tell where the money comes from and where it is going. By ‘Uutisraivaaja period’ is meant the working period funded with Uutisraivaaja money – the funds granted for the winner(s). Break your budget per year and by the type of income and cost. You can use, for instance, an Excel- or a Word-file. Attach a PDF-file, max. size 100 Mb.
25. Funding plan after the Uutisraivaaja period. What is your project’s budget after the Uutisraivaaja period, and how will you fund your project after the Uutisraivaaja funding runs out? *
Privacy and confidentiality *
The information provided in the application will be used only for the purposes of the Uutisraivaaja Media Innovation Challenge. Besides the competition coordinator, the Prereview board and the Jury, the applications can be read by the employees of the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. Every person who has access to the applications has signed a confidentiality agreement which protects the ideas presented by the applicants. When processing the data, the Foundation complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU). You can read more about our Privacy Policy on the Uutisraivaaja website:
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