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Welcome to #BookFitnessChallenge Round 2. I know this is a bit long, but PLEASE READ!

This is not a competition. This is an individual challenge. You set your goals based on your needs/abilities/limitations and your goals are just that—YOUR goals. We will ALL reach the finish line TOGETHER!

Remember, we all have different abilities, limitations, jobs, lives, situations. We are all different ages, genders, live in different places. There are so many factors affecting any one life. So do not compare yourself to anyone else.

And because life happens and weather occurs, goals are adaptable. If you set your goal too high or life interferes or the weather is unreasonable, CHANGE YOUR GOAL.

And if you find yourself meeting or exceeding your goal, then CHANGE YOUR GOAL. Take it to the next level, add steps or miles, add a different component (like mental fitness or nutrition).

For fitness goals, it's best to have a weekly goal, such as # steps per day/week, # of miles per week, # minutes workout per week. This way if you miss a day, you can still make up that time/mileage/steps/etc.

For book goal, set the number of books you wish to read in the 6 week period. You can break this down by week if you wish.

The majority of folks liked 6 weeks, so we'll stick with that for Round 2. This challenge starts on Sunday, June 23 and ends on Saturday, August 3.

Week 1 - Sunday, June 23 - Saturday, June 29
Week 2 - Sunday, June 30 - Saturday, July 6
Week 3 - Sunday, July 7 - Saturday, July 13
Week 4 - Sunday, July 14 - Saturday, July 20
Week 5 - Sunday, July 21 - Saturday, July 27
Week 6 - Sunday, July 28 - Saturday, August 3

(1) You must set a book goal, how many books you will read in the 6 weeks. Any book (physical, e-, or audio) counts.

(2) You must set a fitness goal and you must post your goal. Fitness may be cardio, strength, nutrition, mental health & wellness.

It's important to set a goal because goals guide your focus and provide motivation. And it's important to share your goal because it makes you accountable. But because life happens, you can adapt your goal as you go along.

(3) You must post a weekly check-in once a week. This post is ideally on Saturday (the end of the week) to let us know how you're week went.

Other update posts (either book or fitness) are optional.

PLEASE NOTE, it's super important to post when you're struggling! That way your #BFC team can help you.

*****That's it! That's all the rules. This challenge is supposed to be fun and motivating.*****

NO POINT SYSTEM FOR ROUND 2. We'll see how it works out this time.

PRIZES - there will still be prizes.
(1) The weekly Optional Photo Challenge. If you submit a photo for a weekly optional photo challenge, your name goes into the hat. At the end of the week, all entries for that week will be entered into a random drawing for a prize.
(2) Fitness Goal Achievement. On August 3, everyone who achieves their fitness goal will be entered into a drawing for a prize. (Guess what, if you make it to August 3 and have participated, YOUR NAME GOES IN THE HAT!)
(3) Book Goal Achievement. On August 3, everyone who achieves their book goal will be entered into a drawing for a prize.
(4) Participation. I do track the weekly check-ins (yes, I have a spreadsheet and everything). This time, I will also be tracking encouragement. I won't track every time you encourage, but on a weekly basis, I'll be randomly checking to see who has encouraged others.
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All of these are OPTIONAL! You do NOT have to check any of these boxes. I understand that we all have various obligations and demands on us. But several folks either suggested these or have volunteered, so I wanted to give everyone the option.
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