Mindfulness Questionnaire
Please use this form to provide feed back on your need and interest for a Mindfulness course in your local area.

Scientific research supports the effectiveness of mindfulness for reducing depressive relapses, reducing cravings for substances people are addicted to, combating stress and being an effective tool for managing chronic pain and health conditions.

A Mindfulness programme takes place over 8 weeks. There is weekly course content and practice is done outside of the sessions with the use of MP3 audio to integrate mindfulness into daily routines and help positively change old habits and behaviours.

More information can be found at www.timelliston.co.uk & www.thehappystarfish.com. Please check out these web sites, they are full of useful information and inspiration.

A little bit of information about you.
The following questions allow us to contact you and follow up with you when we have Mindfulness groups or events running in your area.
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More about your thoughts and possible need for Mindfulness.
These answers help us to know what your needs might be and allow us to provide courses and services that can really help you. Your answers and any information that you provide is confidential and kept private and all times.
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