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The recruitment “GPU Turbo Testers Wanted” is organized by Honor Smartphone (‘Honor’). The recruitment lasts from July 10 2018 to 00pm (GMT) July 12, 2018 (The ‘recruitment period’). Testers (the ‘applicants’) should follow the instructions, submit the application and email to be eligible for the GPU Turbo test and Honor 10 GPU Turbo Influencer Party. By entering the recruitment, each participant are considered acceptable to the Terms and Conditions below.

【Terms and Conditions】
GPU Turbo Push & Honor 10 Influencer Party
After submitting the "Honor 10 GPU Turbo Beta Test Application", those who share their phone lagging experience and GPU turbo testing on XDA will be eligible for receiving the unpublished GPU Turbo system for testing on July 17th, and attending the Honor 10 Influencer Party in London on July 17th.
i. Twenty preeminent Western European applicants, who have submitted applications with the “What phone you are using for playing games and your funny experience when the phone is suffering lagging” topic, and those who have left reviews on Honor 10’s performance, will be chosen as Honor 10 GPU Turbo testers based on various factors.
ii. Also, ten of these twenty applicants who are from UK, will be invited to attend Honor 10 Influencer Party on July 17th.
iii. Be conferred the prestigious title of the Honor CEO, who will enjoy priority access to experiencing, testing future Honor products and attending Honor fan events and product launches.
Each applicants is only eligible to be chosen as a tester for one chance. Honor will monitor and review all the submissions. Honor reserves the right to exclude the applicants who violate the conditions of participation or tampers with the recruitment. If a participant is excluded, awards may be subsequently reclaimed by a new tester.

【Personal Information collection and Privacy statement】
Personal information collected from applicants (Personal data filled in the following table) will be only used by Honor for the purpose of examining the Honor GPU Turbo tester qualification, and will not be used for other purposes. Honor will not sell, share or disclose personal information of applicants with the third parties, other than the third parties engaged by Honor to fulfill the above purposes. For the above purpose, we maybe need to transfer your personal data among several countries or outside EU. For more detailed information of our privacy statement, please refer to:

If you agree all the things above, please choose “Yes, go to apply”, then click “NEXT” to fill in the table "Honor 10 GPU Turbo Beta Test Application" and submit it to us.

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